Who are we?

Welcome to the official website for the Oblate Vocations

This website is dedicated to the Religious Vocations of the Roman Catholic Congregation of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate. The Oblates are dedicated to spread the poor following the example and the charism of their Founder Saint Eugene de Mazenod.


Who are we?

We are missionaries. We began 188 years ago, on January 25, 1816, when Father Eugene de Mazenod and four companions came together to preach missions in Provencal, in the rural countryside of southern France. And currently, how many are we? Where are we? What do we do?

We are 3,800 Oblates in all – young men, old men, Oblates in formation, priests, Brothers! Of this total, 525 are in formation, having already made their first commitment. For the highest number in formation, the prize goes to Africa, with 222 young men in training. We are in the five continents. The branch planted in Aix-en-Provence thrived well: more than 830 in Africa, 980 in Europe, 770 in Asia, 450 in Latin America, 720 in Canada and the United States. (as of 20 January2015)

And all these people, what do they do? We do everything. We are not specialized, except in facing urgent needs…. It was enough for bishops to come to our Founder and say to him: “I do not have anybody…” for him to act, re-examine his manpower, cut personnel here and there, and release 2 or 3 men for these new needs. And that continues today still. You see, it is a question of passion, of missionary concern….

31 thoughts on “Who are we?

    • I’m Frank Nkondo From Archiodiocese Of Mbeya Particular In Tanzania,east Africa.I Have Interested Much To Join In You Are Congregation For Mission Of Priesthood.Therefore I’m Kindly Requesting To Provide An Email Or Contact Of One Priest Responsible For Vocation Promoter Of You Are Congregation In Kenya


  1. Greetings and best wishes! When talking about vocations,lets keep up with Pope Francis who recently set up the new dicastery for the laity.. and our own Rules & Constitutions no, 37
    R 37a. The charism of Saint Eugene de Mazenod
    is a gift of the Spirit to the Church, and it
    radiates throughout the world. Lay people
    recognize that they are called to share
    in the charism according to their state of
    life, and to live it in ways that vary according
    to milieu and cultures. They share in
    the charism in a spirit of communion and
    reciprocity amongst themselves and with
    the Oblates. As an initial step, each unit
    will submit to the Superior General for
    approval its criteria for the recognition of
    associations.In order to live more intensely the mission
    of evangelization according to the
    Oblate charism, some lay people gather
    in associations. In concert with the General
    Administration, Provinces and Delegations
    will foster the development of
    such associations, will assure that they
    faithfully reflect the Oblate charism, will
    contribute to the formation of the laity by
    giving them access to the sources of the
    charism, and will specify the relations between
    the Congregation and the associations.
    In this regard, the General Administration
    takes the initiatives that it judges
    opportune to promote communication
    between Provinces and Delegations and
    a common outlook in the Congregation.

    R 37b. Faithful to Oblate tradition, the communities
    will have their heart set on promoting
    the Missionary Association of Mary
    Immaculate for the formation of lay people
    and participation in Oblate spirituality
    and apostolate…..!!!!!!!! Santiago (Jim) Lyons,omi
    Mexico City


  2. may the name of our lord be praised both now and forever
      my aim of writing to you is to inform you on my hunger and thirst to
    join your congregation for the mission of priesthood and i have written to many
    Of your website but to no reply so i strongly believe that you
    would hear my cry,
      My name is Dominic am 18 years old and i am through with my
    secondary education and have taken waec and latin diploma in mercy
    seminary bende smmm and all was excellent and i want to continue in
    your congregation and i would be happy if my request is been granted
    thanks and remain blessed


  3. Asking how to join you and where. Am from Uganda, East Africa with a desire to become a priest in your family. Thank you, God bless you


  4. Am Bryan from Nigeria and am interested in joining the Oblate community,i will be highly honoured to hear from you people, am presently in Port Harcourt Nigeria,Thanks and remain blessed


  5. i am jacob otieno from homabay diocese in kenya, i finished my secondary schooling last year at st.john’s minor seminary rakwaro in kenya and i am really intrested in joining the congregation because i feel called by God to serve Him as a missionary priest please assist me on how i can join the congregation.Thank you and may God bless you


    • Hello, I am Collins Gilbert from Kenya, a 20 year-old youth. I am really feeling confused. I feel so drawn to religious life but am scared of making a wrong decision. I am in my second year in the university. Please help me know whether God might be calling me to be an Oblate too. Looking forward to hearing from you.
      Thank you in advance.


  6. My name is Charles Okwuchi, am from Imo state Nigeria. Am interested in serrving the poor in this congregation.

    Will be delighted if I will have a reply.


  7. Buenos días , hace algunos años fui seminarista de su congregación en puebla, México, me gustaría saber la.dirección de la casa de formación o el teléfono en puebla y asistir a misa los.domingos .
    Saludos y VIVA CRISTO REY ¡¡¡¡


  8. Good afternoon Fr, I am obi Raymond obi from boki of cross river state Nigeria. I am 21yrs of age and will be 22yrs by December this year. I am an undergraduate of philosophy and presently in my philosophy three. I humbly write to show interest in joining your congregation. Thank you for your favourable response.


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